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Regional Sweets  There are no products in this category


  • Doce Fino (Almond Sweet)

    The “Doce Fino” are Algarve cookies characterized by representing forms that are part of our day-to-day, especially in the kitchen, as with fruits, vegetables, animals, etc.. At other times, depict popular figures that populate our imagination, or serve up to give wings to our creativity.

  • Almond Goosebumps

    Almond cake with light lemon flavor, this is a dry cake oven, little sweet but sharp taste with almond crisp. The name comes from the rough and irregular aspect that presents itself

  • Fig Sweet

    In the warm lands of the Algarve makes it the most sweet and tasty fig, which after drying, is roughly ground and cooked with sugar misture, almonds, cocoa, chocolate, fennel, anise, lemon and medronho, with an unmistakable taste, a delight.

  • Fig Bonbons

    From a fine grinding, our bonbons were born, based on fig sweet and always with a "touch" that makes the symbiosis between the traditional and the modern.

  • Dry Fig