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Our History

Bolodoce was born of a “sweet idea” of Maria Luísa, owner of the factory and shop, which in 1991 allied with their entrepreneurial spirit the desire to bring to her land a bigger and better offer of Regional Sweets. Beginning this art through a course managed by the oldest confectioners in town with acquired knowledge from generation to generation, Maria Luisa embarked on this journey through the world of traditional sweets of the Algarve.

After 2 years of individual activity, creates in 1993 the company Bolodoce and inaugurates its manufacturing facility. The company grew and gained new customers and markets and, over time, the space was becoming small. So in 2002 it was proposed a new manufacturing unit where we are laboring since June of that year.

After 7 years Bolodoce opens doors to the public through its own store, Candy Boutique.
In Candy Boutique you can find all the products manufactured by Bolodoce but also many liqueurs, jams, honey, arbutus liquor, wines and other “delights”.


We produce our products with heart and soul. We awake the senses for our customers with products full of flavor and high quality. We want customer loyalty and satisfation, innovate and improve.


Our flavors awake the senses of all who taste them. We are recognized for the quality and excellence of our products, we are the benchmark in traditional regional products from Algarve nationally but we want to go further and take Bolodoce across borders.


Our essence ... Responsibility, Competence, Confidence, Innovation, Teamwork and Professionalism all that makes us unique, everything that makes us Bolodoce.